Men's All-Paca Fleece Hoodie

Men's All-Paca Fleece Hoodie


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All-Paca Fleece Hoodie:

Our “All-Paca” fleece hoodie made from 100% Alpaca Fiber is super lightweight, breathable, and packable. Great for outdoor adventure sports & activities, but great to hang around in also. It is super warm for its weight. Go ahead and wear a pack with it - our seams are tough and our garments are made for backpacking and climbing. Go ahead and climb with it - it won’t weigh you down and it is highly breathable. The knit structure and fiber properties allow perspiration to easily escape while retaining its amazing insulating properties. Its exceptional properties allow it to be worn in a wide range of temperatures.

All-Paca Fleece is designed to wear with one layer or multiple layers under it. Alpaca Fiber doesn’t absorb much moisture, and it dries really quickly. Our fleece is not at all thick or bulky, and is warmer than other types of fleece that are much bulkier. Most importantly, Alpaca insulates even when its wet. Down and synthetics will not insulate when wet. Alpaca is truly one of Nature’s high performance fibers, and it is very soft and comfortable to wear.

Fit :

Our Hoodies are made slightly larger than our All-Paca Shirts, and are sized for a comfortable fit, NOT a compression fit. So, you would not need to “size-up” from the All-Paca Shirt even if you plan to wear multiple layers. The comfortable fit has a purpose:

  • It allows for air flow that maximizes the incredible performance characteristics of the Alpaca Fiber. Air flow is important for temperature regulation so that moisture can evaporate when you are exercising, and so that the fiber can provide maximum insulation when you are stationary. Alpaca fiber has air pockets which retain heat so that you are warm even as air is moving through the fabric.

  • Also, the comfortable fit allows you to use one layer or multiple layers underneath without restricting your movement. You might be surprised that you can use less layers when utilizing Alpaca Fiber because of its exceptional properties.

  • If you are a trail runner or a biker, and like a tighter fit, you can size-down if you like. The fabric is stretchy, and has very good stretch & regain properties.

Care: (These care instructions also apply to beanies and Buffs)

  • You don’t need to wash this garment often unless you get it really dirty or spill coffee or spaghetti sauce all over it ! Even if you have been active and sweating in it, just hang it up and it will freshen up on its own. Alpaca does not retain odors and doesn’t support bacterial growth. Since it is an animal fiber, you will want to store it so that moths can’t get to it just like you would with wool.

……But - washing will NOT harm it .......

  • Wash in cold to cool water. Alpaca fiber cleans easily and doesn’t need warm water to get clean. We would not recommend washing with jeans/towels, as those types of garments can be hard on other types of clothing.

  • Use a normal cycle - preferably a small to medium-size load - and make sure not to overload. It is best to wash with other performance garments. Do not use bleach. Use any normal detergent. You do not need extra-mild detergents like Woolite (but Woolite is also good to use). The only detergents we would recommend to stay away from are detergents like powdered “oxygen cleaners”, detergents with “Washing Soda” or “Soda Ash” (those are the same chemical) because those types of laundry detergents have a high Ph and can be harsh for all animal fibers. Detergents such as liquid Tide, Fab, etc - are fine.

  • Tumble dry in a cool or medium cycle. We recommend to not overload the dryer, and would not dry with jeans/towels because they needlessly beat-up other clothing. In fact, if you tumble dry the All-Paca fleece by itself, or with just a few other performance garments like synthetics or underwear, in a cool or medium setting, it will only need 10-15 minutes to dry. You can air dry also.

If you are backpacking or traveling, and need to wash this garment for any reason, and do not have access to regular detergents:

A) Backpacking: Just rinse with stream water, let air dry, do not use detergent, follow Leave No Trace Principals

B) Traveling - Hotel, Hostel, etc. : you can use shampoo, mild liquid dish/hand detergent (just a drop or two) , rinse in a sink, wring out, hang dry or lay it on a towel to dry

Note: You will see some lint in the washer and dryer when you wash the fleece, and this is normal.

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