get the funk out and stay the funk out


How to use GTFO detergent and STFO finish 

GTFO detergent is designed to effectively clean and freshen all types of technical and athletic clothing and gear. It is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. 

STFO is a high performance finish that is added in your softener cycle. It is not a softener - it is a special finish that rejuvenates the moisture wicking properties of your technical and athletic fabrics to improve breathability. It also provides soil release properties to enable your technical fabrics to launder more effectively and completely so that they resist future funk.

Note: Both of these products are suitable for use with "H.E." type of washing machines.

For funky athletic clothing or technical clothing like workout clothes, sports clothes, backpacking/rock-climbing/outdoor clothing that has been used extensively and seems to have a permanent funky smell that you think won't wash out:

1.  Take your sample bottle and pour 1/2 of it into a bucket of water, and place your funkiest clothing in it to soak for a few hours, or overnight if you have time.  To test your product sample, it will be best to clean 8 - 10 garments.
2.  After soaking, put the garments into a washing machine - no need to wring them out first - and put the other half of the sample bottle of GTFO in the machine.
3. Pour the bottle of STFO finish into the softener receptacle of your washing machine.
4. Set your machine to a normal cycle with cold or cool water (no need to waste energy with hot water).
5. Be SURE to set your machine to add softener with the final rinse. (the STFO rinse will be added in the part of the wash cycle that normally adds softeners).
6. Dry your garments as you would normally. Do NOT USE DRYER SHEETS - there is no need for them when using the App Gear System.
7. After drying, give your garments the smell test, and when you wear them, you will notice that the "perma-funk" is gone.
8. Also, after drying, do a water drop test on some of your garments. If you put a few drops of water on your washed and dried garments, you will notice that the moisture wicking properties of your technical fabrics has been rejuvenated.


For new  athletic clothing or technical clothing like work-out clothes, sports clothes, backpacking/rock-climbing/outdoor clothing - or such items that have not gotten funky yet, use the bottle of detergent for one medium or large load as you would normally use detergent - no need to do the soak procedure.  

Use the STFO in the softener receptacle where you would normally use softener, and wash with a regular cycle and remember to set your washing machine to "add softener with rinse".  If you do this with every wash, the GTFO and STFO will help keep your fabric performance in tip top condition and will prevent the funk from happening in the first place.

For Gear:

For Gear that has gotten funky and dirty - like backpacks, sports equipment or uniforms, shoes, and anything that can be laundered (make sure to check your product labels), you can use 1/2 of your sample bottle to soak the equipment in a bucket for a few hours or over night to help dissolve the funk - then place in the washing machine with the rest of the GTFO sample if it is launderable - or just rinse under cold running water in a bathtub or outside with a garden hose. GTFO is very effective at cleaning gear. No need to use STFO on this type of Gear.