Coming Soon


Not to be a tease...

...but our All-Paca shirts are just the beginning for Appalachian Gear Company. We're hard at work designing and producing more products.

All-Paca Fleece

We are very close to rolling out our all-new All-Paca Fleece - another unique innovation, and brand new class of fabric. Our fleece is 100% Alpaca fiber, super thin, super light, and super warm. You can even launder and tumble dry our fleece. We will be offering  two styles; a tech fleece hoodie and a leisure fleece quarter zip. 

USA-made Cotton Tee

We also grew weary trying to find a suitable heavyweight cotton tee to print our awesome images. (Actually, we couldn’t find a USA-made cotton tee that met our stringent specifications.) So, we decided to make our own, and these shirts are in production right now. Our cotton Tees will be styled exactly like our All-Paca shirts. We have processed them to remove all of the shrinkage. And, they will be constructed with our own “Trail Seam” for extra toughness.

Neck Gaiters / Buffs

Yes, we are working on these. too!

Stay Tuned!

We will continue to provide updates on more new products we are designing as they move to production.