All-Paca Fleece Infinity Scarf

All-Paca Fleece Infinity Scarf


*  100% Alpaca Fiber

*  Custom Stripe - These patterns are all unique. We produce stripes in limited quantities, and each lot is slightly different.

*  double-sided fleece made with AGCs unique process

* Lightweight and packable

* Insulating and breathable

* If needed, machine wash cold/cool small load , tumble dry cool/medium (dries very quickly in a small load)

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New White Scarfs and Beanies are in stock ! Limited Quantities - so hurry before they run out….

Note: We produce our custom stripes in limited quantities, so when you buy a scarf, chances are you will not find another one like it when you are out wearing yours! Our current stripe design will be shown with the date. The lighter gray shade stripes have now been sold out, and the darker navy stripes have been sold out. Our newest inventory is shown with “December 2018” on the image. These new stripes have hints of navy, olive, gray, and off-white. They will go well with a lot of different colors !