All-Paca Fleece Beanie

All-Paca Fleece Beanie


*  100% Alpaca Fiber

*  double-sided fleece made with AGCs unique process

* Lightweight and packable

* Insulating and breathable

* Large Beanie size is approximately 8.5” tall and 11” wide when you lay it flat.

* Regular Beanie is approximately 7.75” tall and 10” wide when you lay it flat. The regular is generally considered a “One Size Fits Most” - and the fleece is fairly strecthy fabric.

*The “small” Light Gray Beanie is the only color we currently have in a small size, and it is slightly smaller than the regular, but the fleece is a little heavier and a little less stretchy - so it is a good youth size.

* Machine washable , No Bleach, and can be tumble dried low to medium.

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