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Made for Adventure

Made from 100% alpaca fiber, the All-Paca Shirt is engineered by nature, designed for the trail, and manufactured in the United States. It’s a shirt that lets you spend less time worrying about what you’re wearing and more time enjoying the outdoors.


Appalachian Gear Company

Appalachian Gear Company is a brand new outdoor lifestyle company specializing in performance-based clothing and equipment manufactured in the United States. We're combining 45 years in the textile industry with countless miles logged on trails across the country to introduce innovative products that provide performance and value while minimizing environmental impact. 


The All-Paca Advantage

We’ve spent a lot of time on the trails of the eastern United States, which means we’ve spent a lot of time in clothing that clings, chafes, smells, retains water and lets the lightest breeze through. With 45 years in the textile industry, we didn’t just think there could be a better solution – we KNEW it. After 8 years of research and 3 years of development, we’re ready to introduce a brand new class of performance fabric.

Made in U.S.A.

We manufacture all of our products in the USA because we believe it’s important.